Coronavirus, Mobile Virus & Germ Removal For Automobiles & Fleet Vehicles

Don't Let Germs Win The Race!

From the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to the many strains of flu, germs, and other viruses, if one of your vehicles has been compromised by a passenger, it remains a public health hazard to the passengers that follow.

Our bio-hazard removal team is fully mobile to your site, and specializes in sanitizing vehicles of all make and models. Using a combination of Chlorine-Dioxide and steam treatments, all soft and hard surfaces of your vehicle both inside and out, including all interior vents, are completely cleansed of any harmful bacterial or viral remains.

Our Mobile Team Comes To Your Site

Whether you want to establish regular service for a fleet of vehicles, or a one-time incident response, our team is standing by and available to meet you on your site anywhere in the DC Metro area.

From embassies, to Uber drivers, to company fleets and individual drivers, we are available for service 7-days per week.

For service please call (301) 325-7040

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